Zeze the Copycat [Hardcover] & Composition Notebook Pack
Zeze the Copycat [Hardcover] & Composition Notebook Pack
Zeze the Copycat [Hardcover] & Composition Notebook Pack
Zeze the Copycat [Hardcover] & Composition Notebook Pack

    Zeze the Copycat [Hardcover] & Composition Notebook Pack

    $29.99 $62.98

      Discover a new and exciting way to read stories to little ones with Zeze the Copycat pack.

      In this book pack, you’ll enjoy:

      ✅ Beautiful illustrations of Zeze, his family, and h

      ✅ Value-driven story with real-life lessons for children about self-confidence

      ✅ Resources explaining children's mimicking behavior and what you can do about it

      ✅ Amazing handwriting notebook with 12 positive affirmation coloring pages

      Introduce an extraordinary book to children powered by Kids Plenty's 4D Augmented Reality Mobile App. 


      1. HARDCOVER Zeze the Copycat ($24.99 value) - Meet Zeze, a five-year-old boy who annoys his sister Soso by copying everything she does. What happens when Soso gets Zeze back at his own game? Will he learn a valuable lesson or continue to be a copycat?
      2. Kids Plenty 4D Augmented Reality Mobile App ($29.99 value) -
        1. Bring the characters to life from Zeze the Copycat book, connecting interactively to teach children sight words.
        2. Entertain children with the Dance Party where you select one of four characters, and a song to dance to, in an augmented reality way. The fun and party don't stop!
        3. Reading a book will never be the same again!
        4. Mobile App will be available on Google and Apple Store, and we will notify you once it's available for download.
          *App isn't guaranteed to work on all mobile devices

      3. 120 Pages Composition Notebook ($8.99 value) - A Handwriting Practice Composition Notebook with 12 Positive Affirmation Coloring Pages for Kids
        1. 8.5" x 11" in size.
        2. 120 lined black and white handwriting practice pages.
        3. Includes 12 Positive Affirmation coloring pages.
        4. A sample handwriting guide page.
        5. Handwriting practice is about to be loads of fun.


        Note: Due to covid-19 and the holidays, orders may be subject to shipping delays.


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