Zeze the Copycat [Hardcover]
Zeze the Copycat [Hardcover]
Zeze the Copycat [Hardcover]

    Zeze the Copycat [Hardcover]

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      “Zeze was a copycat; he liked to tease his sister.  He poked his nose and crossed his eyes, that cheeky little mister! “Stop copying me!” Soso cried, as angry as could be. “Stop copying me,” Zeze said smiling, so carefree.”

      Zeze is a five-year-old boy who annoys her sister, Soso, by copying everything she does. Soso gets back at her annoying brother by playing the same game. What makes this story so special is that aside from teaching your kids valuable life lessons about being yourself and conflict resolution for kids, it also comes with a free Mobile 4D Augmented Reality (AR) Kids Plenty app that allows them to interact with characters in the book. Use the app to scan the book’s pages and allow your child to engage with new furry friends!

      In this beautifully illustrated book for toddlers, Pre-K, kindergarten, and early elementary school-aged kids, you will find:

      • A family-oriented story that many children will relate to – doesn’t everybody have an annoying sister or brother that mimics everything they do?
      • Inspiration for children to improve negative behavior issues, like intentionally annoying siblings, arguing, and not listening to others
      • A valuable positive parenting guide about copycat behavior – what causes it and how to deal with it in an encouraging manner, steering children towards positive behavior and self-confidence for kids of all ages
      • The 4D mobile app encourages interaction, improves kids reading recognition and identifying sight words, and provides a new reading experience that will help reluctant readers to enjoy reading books

      Zeze the Copycat is an adorable rhyming story and a perfect read-aloud book for parents and teachers looking for a story that teaches self-confidence for kids and the value of individuality. 

      4D AR Mobile App now available on Apple and Google App stores. Search for "Kids Plenty". App is not guaranteed to work on all devices. Mobile devices not included in sale.

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