"We believe that children are the key to the future and
want them to know their future is bright."

~ Oye and Sabrina Akintan


Kids Plenty was birthed when founders Oye and Sabrina had no option other than to become homeschool teachers with their children’s schools closing due to the pandemic. Having two children of different ages and different grade levels, Oye and Sabrina quickly recognized how dependent upon the school system parents are to educate children. They identified a gap between education and technology. The two developed a vision to create “Supplemental Educational Content'' that provides cultural representation, a growth mindset, emotional life skills, empowerment, and entertainment through technology. As parents, Oye and Sabrina set out to provide their kids with the best education by using methods that represent who they are and by teaching them to be confident in who they need to become. 


Kids Plenty has three primary components in our value system that we use within this company. We like to call them the “Three E’s.”
Educate, Empower, Entertain.

With this mission in mind, we developed educational content through books, technology, and entertainment. Through each of those elements, our goal as parents is to supplement what the school systems provide. We believe all kids should be able to relate to the content currently offered by the educational systems. Kids Plenty aims to provide representation and fundamentals through education.

The Kids Plenty Experience

Kids Plenty formed out of the experience of two parents determined to provide the best homeschool education for both of their children, so when school resumes, as usual, each of them would have a fighting chance at excelling on their grade levels.

We thought it was a big deal having a five-year-old son preparing for school. In our excitement, we became stuck trying to figure out what fundamentals we needed to acquire before he entered kindergarten. As any parent would, the research started, and we began to educate him through sight words and create charts to connect the sight words for his understanding. As we were developing these strategies, we found that it would be an excellent opportunity to take what we’re doing with our children and help other parents implement them in their homes with their children as they grow. That’s how we came up with Kids Plenty, Inc. The world we live in has shifted to high-tech educational systems and virtual learning, and we want to bridge the gap by providing content that does both.


The first book we published is ZeZe the Copycat, about our 5-year-old son, who’s just learning life skills and self-discovery. Our goal was to teach him that though mimicking can be fun and funny, it can also become annoying. We created a method to teach him how to differentiate the two and understand how just being himself is amazing. We helped him develop confidence and taught him fun techniques to create his own persona, and this is how it all started.

Then we included all of this into the Kids Plenty Augmented Reality App.

We’re excited about this journey and happy to be able to share it with you as there is so much more to come within Kids Plenty, Inc., so stay tuned in and travel the journey with us.