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How You Can Help Your Child Develop Proper Social Skills

Homeschooling has always been a viable means of education, but...
by Oye Akintan on March 17, 2022
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A Guide: How to Encourage Young Kids to Love Reading

Frederick Douglass once said, “Once you learn to read, you...
by Oye Akintan on March 09, 2022
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Reasons to Read Augmented Reality Storybooks with Your Kids

Apps and AR (augmented reality) storybooks have been around for...
by Oye Akintan on March 02, 2022
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Benefits of Printed Books for Children and Parents

Nowadays, we can notice more and more ebooks being marketed....
by Oye Akintan on February 23, 2022

5 Things Every Children’s Picture Book Must Contain

Picture books are a great way to introduce your child...
by Oye Akintan on February 16, 2022

Creative and Fun Ways to Teach Kids the Art of Storytelling

We all grow up listening to our grandparents' and parents'...
by Oye Akintan on February 09, 2022