Why You Should Encourage Your Kids to Read

by Bold Commerce on August 05, 2021

Reading to young children has been shown to increase cognitive skills and boost brain development. Cognitive development is the formation of cognitive processes from childhood through adolescence to adulthood.

Their ability to think and understand is rapidly growing, absorbing information, developing processing, reasoning, and intelligence. Children also develop their memory, language development, and attention span at remarkable rates. 

That said, it is essential to inspire your children to read more for active brain development. They can learn new words and phrases, feel different emotions, and gain new skills and information.

Reading has many other advantages for a child's development. Here are some of them:

Reading helps Children Grow in Empathy

When we read a book, we immerse ourselves in the narrative. We can build empathy through living other characters' experiences and identifying with their emotions.

Thanks to reading, children may learn to sympathize with others in the actual world. They will develop a better awareness of emotions, both their own and others. This improves their social development significantly.

Reading Provides Children with Deeper Understanding

A book can transport us to another city, a different nation, or perhaps another world. Reading a book teaches a kid new facts about people, places, and events. This helps youngsters comprehend the world and other cultures, particularly those vastly different from their respective environments.

Reading Promotes a Stronger Bond with Your Child 

A parent's bond with their kid will certainly improve if they read with them regularly. Reading allows parents to have a regular and shared experience that both parent and kid may look forward to.

Furthermore, it brings children feelings of attention, affection, and reassurance, which are essential for nurturing and well-being.

Reading Improves Writing Skills

Reading aloud to young children, even if they don't completely comprehend what you're saying, helps them develop reading abilities. It teaches youngsters that reading requires concentrating from left to right and that turning pages is required to proceed.

Reading to children from an early age can also support language learning as it stimulates the language processing portion of the brain.

Reading Expands Your Child’s Vocabulary

Hearing words spoken aloud can introduce kids to a wide range of new vocabulary and phrases they have not encountered yet. By reading to a child regularly, they will be exposed to new words, which widen their knowledge and improve comprehension.

Reading Helps Enhance Memory and Concentration

Reading can boost a child's concentration. It also teaches children to sit quietly and listen for lengthy periods, which is beneficial when they go to school someday. As they learn to concentrate, their memory skills improve, especially if you make reading time engaging.

Reading Boosts Children’s Imagination and Creativity

Reading a book requires us to use our imagination to picture characters and visualize their settings and environments. As a result, children’s imagination becomes more developed. 

They move from reading other people’s stories to their own. This is when you’ll notice that they engage in pretend-play and where they build their own stories and act out the characters. 


We cannot stress enough how reading is crucial to your child’s life, especially in the formative years. It elevates the quality of the child’s education, expanding their world to life’s many opportunities. 

Storytelling helps in child development, assisting in instilling a lifelong love of reading. Multiple studies have linked leisure reading and improved academic success in all subjects, not just English. The only thing left to do now is to encourage reading!

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