The Beauty of Storytelling: Why Reading to Children Is Important

by Oye Akintan on September 22, 2021

Many parents and guardians are busy growing their careers to provide food on the table and meet their children’s needs. By the time they come home from work, they are already too exhausted to make time for their little ones.

If this situation sounds familiar, it’s not too late for you to spend more time with your child. For instance, you can read them a bedtime story. It will only take a few minutes of your time. Doing this every night positively affects their communication skills, school performance, and overall development.

When Should You Start Reading to Your Kid?

Even a newborn baby can benefit from storytelling. Introducing the wonders of reading early to your child offers a bonding opportunity between you and them, lets them learn various emotions, and helps them develop language skills. It also sets them up to prepare for reading on their own in the future.

What Are the Benefits of Reading to Your Child?

Not every child begins with being utterly captivated by the story and immediately falling in love with reading. In reality, a single night of storytelling may not offer your expected benefits. For instance, your toddler may wander around the room impatiently or even try to munch on the book. However, the advantages of reading to them remain the same. Making this a nightly habit can help them in the following ways:

Promotes Better Vocabulary

Receptive vocabulary refers to the words your child understands. Making them listen to stories every night can increase their receptive vocabulary. They will eventually start to pick up on the colors, shapes, animals, numbers, or anything else mentioned in the book you are reading to them. As their neural connections in the brain get fueled, they develop their logical thinking ability, understand cause and effects, and grow their vocabulary.

Lets You Spend Quality Time with Your Child

A demanding job can hinder you from establishing a solid relationship with your child. If your busy schedule lets you spare even just a few minutes for rest, consider allotting some of them to reading to your little one. Since storytelling is not extremely tiring or time-consuming, this activity can be a way for you to unwind while spending quality time with your kid.

Destresses You and Your Child

Young children are known to be energetic. They usually have a knack for getting wound up, especially at bedtime. To help them calm down and sleep better, start reading them a story a half-hour before bedtime. 

Choose the right preschool reading book to keep your child engaged. Dim the lights, tuck them in, and read to them in a soothing voice. Additionally, consider using a book reading app to make storytelling more convenient and enjoyable.

Nurtures a Closer Relationship with Your Child

Reading is a good way to start nurturing healthy communication between a child and parents. By sharing special moments that build trust and promote conversation, you and your kid can have a close connection that allows both of you to talk freely and with respect.


Reading stories is one of the most powerful things you can do for your child. Holding a storytelling session means you’re opening up a whole new world to them every night and unlocking their imagination. Now that you know the basics of storytelling, it’s time to pick a book that will keep your kid interested in reading.

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