Fantastic Ways to Improve Your Kid's Attention When Reading

by Oye Akintan on January 12, 2022

Reading requires a lot of focus, and for kids, this can be a bit difficult. Often, kids can find it challenging to stay in place and put their entire focus in one activity. This can make them feel restless and reluctant to read. However, you must introduce reading activities to children at a young age to boost their reading comprehension, critical thinking, and speaking skills. 

There's no doubt that even adults can find it hard to focus on reading. This is because low attention and concentration levels are a common issue for many kids, which affects the way they learn and retain information. 

Since reading for kids can be difficult, it's important to integrate various ways to help ease the problem and introduce a better way to help them be more motivated to read. If you're looking for reading solutions, you're in the right place. In this article, we'll share with you tried and tested ways to improve your kid's attention when reading. 

Tip #1: Don't Give Them Long Hours to Read, But Break Up Their Reading Time Instead

One of the biggest mistakes pushing a kid to read is forcing them to read for hours. Not only will they feel trapped, but they'll also feel less motivated to read other reading material. 

With that in mind, it’s better to encourage your child by giving them regular reading breaks that are about 15 to 20 minutes long. You can even make it a fun activity, and after the 20-minute mark, you can invite them to do some fun exercises and challenges before they get back to the book. 

Tip #2: Choose the Right Time of the Day and Location to Read 

Your environment plays a huge role in how you execute certain activities. Because of this, you must choose the right time of day and location to dive into books. 

Observe when your kid is more alert and focused to choose the right time. They'll get to sit down and focus on their reading material more during this time. To elevate this experience, make sure that they're reading in a distraction-free zone—take out all toys, electronics, and other books, too. 

Tip #3: Understand What Topics or Reading Materials They Enjoy

While this can be a pretty difficult step, and it can undoubtedly take a lot of time, it's worth knowing what your kids enjoy reading about. This is because it'll keep them motivated to read and focus on their reading material instead of dropping books early on. 

Reading for kids requires a lot of brainwork, so it's best to sit down with your kid and know what they like so you can provide them with reading resources they'll actually enjoy. Not to mention, they might also enjoy reading apps as well, so it's worth trying that out!

The Bottom Line: Elevate The Way Your Children Read

Although these are only a few tips to help improve your kid's reading attention, these seemingly small tips can actually bring in big results. If you integrate this into your kid's reading routine—whether it's changing their reading schedule or trying the best reading apps for kids—it could take their reading skills and attention to the next level. 

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