6 Fun Ways to Improve Your Child’s Sight Word Skills

by Oye Akintan on May 27, 2021

Sight words are familiar terms to the reader; teaching them to your child means they can recognize words on sight or automatically. This practical skill allows them to read and understand reading materials effortlessly.

Regardless of your little one’s reading ability, it is never too late to teach them early sight word skills. Here are some ways to support your kid’s early literacy development and improve their reading skills and comprehension:

Practice reading every day

They say that practice makes perfect, which rings true when it comes to reading. This is why it’s important to make time for reading to your child for several minutes every day. You should also pay attention to the appropriate reading level for your child’s age. 

For instance, Infants should be taught colors, numbers, animals, sizes, and other basic concepts. Opt for books that pair words with drawings or pictures of those words. On the other hand, you can encourage toddlers to love reading with books with colorful illustrations and short sentences. Read these same books repeatedly to your child, so they can build recognition of ideas and familiarize themselves with language and sounds.

Make sensory labels for objects

Another way to create an association of words with objects is to make sensory labels. Consider labeling words household items with decorative flashcards using letters made of yarn, pasta, or sequins. This teaching technique is ideal for tactile learners because it allows them to feel and trace over the letters as they learn. 

Play the Name Game

The Name Game is a sight word game consisting of labeled flashcards. It lets your child choose which label matches which object. Pick two cards at first: one that matches and another one that does not match an item. Afterward, ask them to select which card matches the object. If they choose the wrong answer, give them the correct card to place on the object. Gradually increase the number of cards as they develop their skills.

Use pictured flashcards

Teach your child consonant-vowel-consonant words using a set of pictured flashcards. Start with five cards, then choose words your kid is already familiar with. Read them out loud and point to the picture. Afterward, let them look for objects that are readily available in your house matching those words. Over time, you can add more cards as they begin to read the words independently. Don’t forget to keep the game fun.

Make new flashcards without pictures

Create a new set of flashcards without pictures once your child has already mastered pictured flashcards. Like the mechanics in the previous game, let them find objects in your home matching the words on the cards. 

If your little one has trouble playing with the new cards, place them on objects beside the pictured cards to give them clues. Eventually, remove pictured cards once they become familiar with enjoying the cards without pictures.

Use an AR app

Increase your child’s language and visual recognition skills the fun way using a book reading app. Look for one that utilizes AR technology that brings the story to life through virtual pop-ups. This will make reading and learning more enjoyable and engaging for your kid.


The ability to read and actually understand text is essential for your child’s learning, growth, and development. That is the importance of teaching sight words. With the proper support, your little one can become so familiar with words that they no longer have to decode them. Help them remember words by following these tips and using the best sight word app.

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