3 Ways Storytelling Can Aid in Your Child’s Development

by Oye Akintan on May 13, 2021

Storytelling is essential in growing businesses—integrating it in marketing and advertising efforts helps companies connect with their customers and build their brands. However, storytelling isn’t just beneficial for businesses; they have a lasting impact on your life, too!

Humans are storytellers; we like to tell stories through words and visual elements, then broadcast them to the world. Sharing experiences and ideas to have others resonate with them through the emotions contained within those stories help us understand each other despite our differences.

A Narrative For Every Age

The great thing about stories is that anyone can enjoy them, no matter their background or age. No one is too young or old to experience narratives in their imagination and feel raw emotion. Through these experiences, you can mold your identity, shape your personality, and eventually create your own story.

Stories are essential for everyone—but they are even more significant for your little one. Your child’s storybooks aren’t just there to keep them occupied or to help them with their reading. They may not fully understand the value of a story, but they are just as affected by them as much as you are!

How Stories Can Impact your Child

Stories have a significant impact on your kid’s learning, growth, and overall development. Instead of keeping their eyes stuck on phone and television screens watching videos and playing virtual games, why not open their minds with engaging and amusing stories?

Reading isn’t just limited to schools, after all! You can help your little ones develop their skills and knowledge at home by telling and sharing stories with them. Here are some of the many advantages reading can have on your child:

It Boosts Confidence

Learning how to read will greatly affect your child’s confidence and self-esteem. When they have a new skill, they’ll be more willing to participate in school activities and make new friends. 

Stories that explore the concept of being yourself are perfect for helping them embrace their individuality. A child that is secure and confident in who they are will find it easier to motivate themselves, take on new challenges, and learn from their mistakes.

It Instills Empathy

Your kid’s learning isn’t the only important matter you should focus on. More than intelligence or academic performance, you should teach your child to be kind to others.

The world needs kindness more than anything—raise your child to be compassionate and understanding by showing them how other people’s lives are. Through stories, they will understand how diverse the world is and how different others are to them.

It Improves Vocabulary

Learning new words isn’t exclusive to the classroom—you can introduce new words at home by starting with virtual pop-up children’s books to make education fun. Through stories, they can discover more complicated words and understand how to use them in sentences. 

Storybooks are a great way to encourage them to improve their language skills without making it seem like a chore.


The first few years of your child’s life are crucial, as this is the stage wherein they develop their learning skills, emotional intelligence, and social abilities. Help them be the best that they can be by sharing unique stories and experiences. Don’t underestimate the power of stories—that "Once upon a time" will impact them for a lifetime.

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