5 Parent-Friendly Tips for Kids' Reading and Homeschooling

by Oye Akintan on May 12, 2022

There are many options when it comes to educating your children. Curating a homeschooling curriculum and arrangement can have a number of perks. For instance, you have the ability to set the pace and keep your children on a schedule, so you can ensure that they are learning but also staying on task. 

Homeschooling can also be a great way to help your kids have a love of learning, which is essential for a productive and successful future. Being able to do this all on top of getting more time with your family can be ideal for parents. However, there are several considerations that you must make in terms of grade level, reading level, and abilities.

On the subject of reading, here are a couple of homeschooling tips that parents can adopt and implement:

1) Get Engaging Material

One of the biggest ways to make sure that your child is reading at a level that they're comfortable with is to get them engaging reading material. You can start them off with reading material that is suitable for their age and then move up from there.

Age appropriate reading doesn't necessarily mean comic books. Instead, you want to ensure that they're getting something out of what they’re consuming. Learn their interests and find a compelling story that they'd love to practice reading on.

2) Avoid Pushing Too Hard

It's easy to get wrapped up in the idea that learning should be a fun thing that they constantly do. However, there is a distinction between something that they want to do and something that they need to do. Even your child can recognize homeschooling from hobbies.

Forcing kids to sit down and read for long periods of time only does two things: it increases the chance that they'll get tired, and it decreases their interest in the subject. Try to recognize when you're pushing them too hard and give them space to breathe.

3) Practice Family Reading Time

As a separate point to what's mentioned above, the more that you make reading an activity that your whole family is involved in, the more likely it is that your children will develop a positive attitude towards it. Be sure to dedicate time to read together as a family and motivate your kid into this fun activity.

4) Mix In Different Resources 

Aside from traditional reading, introducing different learning methods and resources such as educational apps, audiobooks, and the like can be beneficial. It's also a fantastic way to make sure that your child is learning in a variety of ways, honing their comprehension skills in a visual and hearing aspect.

5) Stick to a Certain Schedule

When you do finally settle on a curriculum and a schedule, stick to it. Allocate hours for reading and discussion of the material. Having a schedule is ideal for keeping everyone on the same page and making sure that the children are getting started on their school work. It implores them to take that period seriously.


If you want to effectively educate kids, creating an environment that is conducive to learning through reading and other resources is a good step. Seek out these helpful tools in your arsenal for homeschooling your child. 

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