8 Amazing Things That Storytelling with Kids Can Do

by Oye Akintan on May 05, 2022

In the age of modern technology, adults and parents can’t seem to avoid using electronics to lull their children to sleep. While children enjoy these types of delights and fall asleep after watching a movie or animation, nothing compares to the magic of storytelling. After all, storytelling, in itself, is a great time for parents and kids to spend time together.

Storytelling is essential for your preschooler's development. Storytelling, whether about your upbringing or a particularly entertaining day, has several advantages for children. Read on to discover these eight amazing things that storytelling with kids can do.

Storytelling Instills Values in Children

Children under the age of five enjoy reading books. When you spend time telling stories to youngsters, you are teaching them virtues that they can carry with them into adulthood. Inform youngsters by telling them stories with values or messages they can learn from. Making this time teaches children important values like kindness, wisdom, honesty, and compassion.

Storytelling Helps Kids to Listen More Effectively

It is not always simple to keep a child's attention. Many children find it difficult to focus for extended periods of time. They either butt in and keep talking, or their minds drift. However, telling stories to your child can help them develop their ability to listen. They will become more focused and alert.

Storytelling Is Inspirational to Children

Children build an imagination for the characters, storyline, and setting when listening to a story. It is not the same as staring at a screen. When children are reading stories, their imaginations often go wild. They are free to imagine the story in whatever way they like. It has been demonstrated to promote creativity and stimulate the production of new ideas.

Storytelling Fosters a Child’s Cultural Awareness

Through storytelling, children are introduced to many places, cultures, and traditions. It teaches empathy to youngsters by allowing them to put themselves in the shoes of the characters in the story.

Storytelling Establishes Good Communication Skills

Reading to youngsters and reading stories to them can help them communicate more successfully. It encourages self-expression. Encourage your child to ask questions and offer their ideas when you are telling them stories. Your child's vocabulary will expand as you continue to read books to them.

Storytelling Helps with Memory

Storytelling might help your child build his or her memory. Elicit their evaluation or remembrance of certain details when you read a narrative to them. Inquire about their recollection.

Storytelling Gives More Value to Education

Reading to your child establishes the foundation for academic achievement. It facilitates their learning and aids in their preparation for school. As previously said, storytelling helps children develop focus and concentration, both of which are important as they enter school.

Storytelling Helps with a Child’s Social Abilities

Storytelling teaches children to pay attention and actively listen. They gain patience as a result of their ability to listen to others. It also enables people to understand the viewpoints of others and the manner in which ideas differ.


Storytelling has the power to educate young children about the world. It exposes them to new ideas and experiences but also allows parents and adults to journey with them. Now that you know these advantages, it’s time to convince one another to simply make time for storytelling with their children.

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