6 Ways to Teach Homeschoolers Sight Words Quickly and Easily

by Oye Akintan on September 02, 2021

When you have a homeschooler, you need to know some techniques to make teaching easier, fun, and engaging. One of the most important things you need to teach a child are sight words. Sight words are words that are easily recognizable. It’s those words that your child will identify immediately simply by seeing them. Sight words can help your child read easily, and they will become “automatic.” 

Here are some ways to teach your child sight words: 

Read Them Stories and Point to Your Child

An easy way to teach your child sight words is while you read to them at night before bed. While you read, point to the words—teach them how to pronounce them and show those words to them over and over again. Over time, your child will start to recognize the words. By then, you can stop reading specific words to them and let them do it instead. Make sure you move your finger along the page when you read and when you get to a sight word, stop and let your child read it. 

Create a Board

A board with all the sight words will stimulate your child’s brain to take the words even when they’re not focusing on them. You can point out a word and ask your child to ask what it is and have them use it in a sentence. 

Play Games

Another effective way to teach your child to learn sight words is to turn playtime into learning time. A good idea is to use two sets of flashcards for the sight words then play games with them. Shuffle the cards and lay them face down. Let your child choose a card, and then try to find where they saw the matching card. 

Play Some Music

Make up some spelling songs using the sight words you want to teach your child. You can even let your child choose their own tune and a song to go with the word. When you let your child create the song themselves, you’ll notice they’ll be more engaged with learning. 

Hang Them Around the House

Sight words should be kept in sight, and what better way to do this than to hang them where your homeschoolers can see them easily at home. Keep them interesting in a way that will draw your child’s attention. You want to make it more fun? Have your child do it with you, then hang them around the house. That way, your child will learn and have fun at the same time. 

Consider an Online Typing Course

You can teach your child how to type and learn at the same time. Typing can help them better remember words because they would rely on muscle memory in their hands to help with spelling. 


Now, are you ready to teach your child sight words? These are fun ways that can keep your child engaged and interested. Sight words are important for helping them develop their reading skills as young children. Start teaching your child sight words today!

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