Why Should You Teach Your Child to Read Early?

by Oye Akintan on January 26, 2022

There are many benefits to teaching your children to read early. It's not just for their academic future, too. Aside from the fact that reading is among the basic foundations of formal education, learning how to read early can help with a child's neurological, social, and linguistic development, too.

In this post, Kids Plenty, one of the best preschool learning apps, shares some of the advantages of teaching kids to read early:

Educational Advantages

While some parents may be concerned that introducing books at a very young age may delay speech development, studies have shown that reading to a child actually enhances verbal development. Children who are read to frequently can speak sooner and have larger vocabularies than those whose parents don't read to them.

Introducing books to your children also helps them see the fun in reading. Reading is in itself an activity where you can connect with your child by sharing a common interest. It's a beautiful way to encourage them to learn and gain knowledge, too. It also provides a way to bond with your child and make them feel loved.

Neurological Benefits

Research has also shown that reading to your children encourages their brain development. Aside from improving their language and communication skills, reading to them will also help them learn how to think, reason, and express themselves. They'll also learn to categorize words, develop an interest in stories, and notice letters and words.

Social Advantages

When you start reading to your child, he will learn to follow your voice and focus on a single activity. He'll also learn to sit still and concentrate on a single thing.

Reading also helps build a child's confidence and self-esteem. Children who are read to by their carers often are better able to form relationships with people around them and know how to interact with other people.

Reading also dramatically enhances their imagination and creativity. They'll use their common everyday knowledge to create a story in their heads while they read.

Linguistic Benefits

Reading to your child will also help improve their language and communication skills. As children hear words like nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in a story, they will begin to understand that words have different meanings.

Reading to your children also helps them develop vocabulary, which is crucial in speech development. And because children associate the rhythm of your voice with that of the story's characters, they will adopt the way you read. Your children will thus learn to read in the same way you read to them.


If you want your kids to be successful in life, or if you want them to be fond of books, you should introduce them to the joy of reading. The benefits of early reading to your children are countless. And as a parent, you may also get to enjoy this activity more than you thought you would. Of course, reading together is also a perfect opportunity to strengthen the bond between parent and child, and it's an excellent way to build happy memories that both you and your child can look back to fondly when they're older. 

So pick up some books, take a seat on your child's bed and just have fun while you read to them. There are a lot of high-quality homeschooling resources available that you can use to encourage your child to read while having fun. 

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