The Advantages of Reading the Same Books to Your Kids Repeatedly

by Oye Akintan on September 30, 2021

We often do lots of activities with our kids, making the most of quality time and bonding that we have with them, making them feel like they are an essential part of our lives. For the most part, those activities are filled with learning and pieces of advice about life and growing up. 

The thing about being a parent is that you will never truly feel that you have achieved something without seeing your kids grow into good people, much so that we would invest our time teaching them the basics.

One of those valuable lessons that we can start with them early on in developing their reading comprehension. Modern technology has brought about many devices requiring reading to understand their content, with smartphones and their social media apps or e-books and digital novels. 

Since we live at that age, it only fits for us to teach our kids the importance of reading and understanding contexts. The best practice for this would be to read the same book to the kids repeatedly, even though it may seem repetitive. 

Of course, such activity has its merits; after all, no parent would be doing it if it didn’t have its own advantages. If you’re still doubtful about it, though, look no further than the benefits listed below.

It Promotes Vocabulary Growth

Your kids will be able to learn more words as they grow up by reading the same lines in a book repeatedly. What may sound strange and new to them will be familiar once they get used to it. 

Toddlers still try to grasp the language being spoken to them, including all the reading materials they would have to go through. Aside from that, their mind is still like a sponge at this stage, absorbing everything as they would do alone, not having the perception to argue any form of knowledge yet at an early age. That makes it the perfect time for them to learn more.

It Establishes Predictability

No one wants to watch or read the same story over and over again, but the same thing can’t be said about our kids. The thing about being familiar with a story is that it gives them predictability, meaning that they already know what will happen next. 

This may seem unnecessary in their learning until you realize that it develops the part of their personality that understands cause and effect. Yes, not everything in life can be predicted, but you will yield the equivalent results by doing one action. 

Reading the same story gives them a bit of control over what they can’t grasp at an early age.

It Allows for Creative Connection

The best thing about kid’s storybooks is that most of them have their illustrations. This means that your kids will never have a hard time understanding what they need to know as the equivalent actions are being shown to them. 

They may understand the context and meaning of the words from then on. This principle isn’t too different from your job training, wherein you will be shown how to do all your tasks in the office during your first day.


Reading the same books repeatedly isn’t much of a drag once you realize its benefits to your kid’s learning. Yes, it can get tedious and frustrating, but the most important thing is for you to train your kids and the various skill sets they have while they’re young. 

By developing their vocabulary, establishing a bit of control, and promoting understanding through illustrations, they will have a better perspective regarding words and context. Start them young and watch them grow into a master of words.

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