How to Make Reading More Fun for Children

by Oye Akintan on June 09, 2022

For many kids, reading is more of a chore or task than something they can do for fun. Some even feel like they’re being punished when asked to read. 

As parents and guardians, the responsibility is on us to ensure that we instill the love for reading in the next generation. 

But how do we make it fun and not frustrating? Here are some tips from Kids Plenty, your trusted provider of the best homeschooling resources for little ones:

Choose the Right Books for Your Kids

As much as you would want to introduce books that impart excellent values or get your little one to start with classics, you have to remember that your priority is for them to start reading and enjoy it. What that means is that you should get them books that you think they'll be interested in. For example, if your child loves trains or cars, perhaps a book about transportation or a story about a race will interest them.

Allow Kids to Choose the Books They Want to Read

If the books you choose do not catch your child's interest, it may be time to take them to a bookstore so they can have their pick of what they want to read. If that's not possible, show some book selections online and have them choose which ones they want to order. Kids are more likely to read a book they have chosen than what others are trying to "push" them to read.

Step Out of the Box

You might want to try reading a different genre or turn to non-traditional books like comic books. Try books that use different senses, such as smell or touch. Try to find something that your child enjoys. For example, if your child enjoys playing video games, try a book that uses video or computer games as a backdrop. There are also books with accompanying AR apps that could make the experience more exciting for young readers.

Have a Special Reading Spot

Creating a reading corner makes it more fun for kids to read. They can have a special chair that is just the right size for them. They can lie on the floor and read while you lie with them. It doesn't have to be elaborate. Just find a spot where they can feel comfortable and enjoy reading.

Make a Game Out of It

If reading doesn’t seem like fun, then it’s time to turn it into a game. For example, your kid can have a timer and rotate reading around the house or outside. You can have a daily reading goal. You can have a reading reward. You can read to your child, and when they're old enough, they can read to you. You can also assign your child a 'reading buddy' with whom they can read, like a sibling or a friend. You can also make a chart where they earn points or certificates for every book they read.

And most importantly, make it about quality, not quantity. If your child is reading a book that they enjoy or finished one, praise them for their accomplishment, no matter how long it took for them to finish. Focus on the effort, not the quantity.


Reading should be something that kids look forward to doing. It should be something that they're excited about doing. In fact, you want them to pull you to sit with them so you can share in the experience of being read to.

It does take some effort to build positive reading habits in your kids, but the effort is well worth it. Many parents have watched their kids grow in their reading ability, and some have even seen their kids become adults who are avid readers.

It all starts with encouraging your kids to start reading by making it an enjoyable experience through smart strategies and the best preschool learning apps that can help make reading more fun.

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