Reasons to Read Augmented Reality Storybooks with Your Kids

by Oye Akintan on March 02, 2022

Apps and AR (augmented reality) storybooks have been around for a while. Apps used to be quite simple and only offered a small number of books as a free download. However, publishers are now beginning to provide more complex stories and even original content not available anywhere else.

Reasons to Read Augmented Reality Storybooks with Your Kids

Augmented Reality storybooks offer several benefits for both kids and parents alike. They are a great way to engage your child with reading, encourage creativity, and foster imagination while allowing them to immerse themselves in a story through interaction. With it, children can embrace the benefit of having engaging tools for learning at an early age.

Here are a few reasons your child should be reading AR storybooks:

1. Perfect for Younger Kids

When using AR storybook apps with your kids, the first thing to consider is their age. Most of the apps are designed for children aged five and under. This means there is a limited amount of reading, and the storyline is quite simple. However, it is a great way to encourage reading and "learning the language" of the app with your child. This might even help to lay the foundations for the future and encourage them to read the AR book independently.

2. Encourages Creativity in Kids

As previously mentioned, the storybooks are reasonably simple. This means that it is easy to take part in the activities. It allows children to become more hands-on with their stories and encourages them to explore their creativity.

For example, your child could create their own profile picture as part of the story or draw an illustration based on the story. It's a great way to get children to participate in tstorytelling even more.

3. Lets Kids Explore Stories in a Unique Way

The AR storybooks also provide a unique way to explore the world within the story. The books can transport your child to different locations. This is an excellent way for kids to better understand each story and even to visualize various components of the story.

4. Stimulates More Senses Than a Book

Unlike a traditional book, AR storybooks employ many senses in order to present a story. This means that not only do your children see the story, but they can also hear and interact with it through touch. This is a great way for children to become even more invigorated with the story and to engage various parts of the mind.

5. Great for Real-World Application of Lessons

When a child has had a chance to experience the story using an AR app, it is easy to see how they can relate what they learn to liki in the "real" world. These stories can teach valuable lessons such as kind behavior and character traits, helping to solidify these principles in children's minds and prepare them for the future.


Augmented reality storybooks are a great way to encourage reading and creative play in your kids. They offer a unique approach to stories that your kids will find exciting. The technology is still relatively new, but there is no doubt that it will continue to become more engrossing and engaging as time goes on. ​

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