How to Use the Power of Storytelling to Homeschool

by Oye Akintan on June 02, 2022

From the beginning, people have always loved telling and listening to stories. If you are like most people, you probably have fond recollections of your childhood listening to your parents or grandparents as they tell you stories from their youth which all have sounded like amazing adventures. 

But did you know that stories are an important tool for teaching, too? Studies have shown that most people remember things more if they’re told in a story format. 

If you want to know how you can harness the power of storytelling and use books as homeschooling resources, read on as we answer some questions about storytelling as an educational tool:

Why Should You Use Storytelling to Teach?

Storytelling is very effective at making learning more memorable and enjoyable for your children in a very short time. 

But storytelling isn’t just for kids. Humans, in general, are wired to learn through stories.

Stories can be entertaining and fun. They can also be used to teach a lesson and impart wisdom. They are also an excellent way to build knowledge, understanding, and memory.

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to teach children because most kids will remember stories for a long time, unlike lessons they learn from traditional methods.

Furthermore, storytelling helps develop your children’s imagination, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

What Subjects Can You Teach Through Storytelling?

Since stories have a way to empower the imagination and they can instantly capture the attention of your child, they can be used to teach almost any subject.

Here are some of the subjects you can teach through storytelling:


You can use stories to teach your child math in an exciting way that is easy to learn. For example, you can use the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears to teach your child the concept of multiplication. 


You can use stories to teach your child to read. You can even use storytelling to teach your children to read faster and practice comprehension.


You can use stories to teach your children about different countries and cultures through oral storytelling. You can tell your children about places and cultures that they have never been to.


You can use storytelling to teach your children about historical characters and events. You can use stories about historical events that occurred in

How to Use Stories to Teach?

You can use storytelling as an educational tool in the following ways:

1. Read a Book

The easiest way to use storytelling is by reading a storybook. You can read the storybook to your children and ask them to read along with you.

If the storybook is old-fashioned and even has a hard-to-read language, you can read the book to your children and let them read a simpler version. You can make your own simplified version of the story by jotting down the gist of the story in your own words.

2. Make a Storybook

You can use your computer to make a storybook for your children. Use your creativity and the software you have at hand to make a storybook for your children.

Create the storybook in a way that you can print it out and make a book from it.

3. Tell a Story

You can tell a story orally and make up your own story. You can also tell stories that your parents or grandparents have told you.

4. Use Picture Books to Teach a Lesson

You can also use picture books to teach a lesson or to teach a skill to your children. You can also use picture books to teach a language and you can also use picture books to teach culture and behavior.


The fact that people love stories and that most people remember stories for a long time is clear proof that stories are an effective way to teach. You can use stories to teach almost any subject and any lesson.

Teaching your children through storytelling is a great way to give them a head start in life. The good news is, you now have access to countless stories from your device. Use storytelling apps as one of your homeschooling resources to teach your children things that they need to learn at their age.

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