How Picture Books Help Your Children’s Development Process

by Oye Akintan on October 21, 2021

It is common for parents and guardians to read stories to their children before bedtime. No other activity could help prepare your children for all they need to learn than reading stories aloud together. 

While you might already know how important it is as an added supplement to their classroom activities, this article will emphasize the importance of making your children read picture books in particular. 

Reading as an Activity

There will always be something that parents can give their children that not all classrooms can provide. One of them is sparking their love for learning and thinking very early on. When you have an infant at home, it’s best to begin their education as early as possible. Babies will take time before they learn to read, but they can always look at pictures, listen to their parents' voices, and learn random sounds and names. 

When you introduce picture books and help them associate words and sounds with the pictures, young children start to unconsciously realize the importance of language. Moreover, they begin to hear a variety of different sounds and learn to appreciate them. These are essential building blocks that will help them grasp the language and love communication fully. When the melody of language becomes part of their lives, it prepares them to understand the value of listening and speaking even better.

Picture Books and Children's Development

If you want to understand some specific advantages that picture books bring, here are some noteworthy ones:

Build Your Children's Comprehension

Have you observed how fast kids can recall the images they watched on YouTube videos or their favorite animated movies and cartoons? That is how powerful images and sounds are to their senses. This is also the beginning of the development of their comprehension. 

Not all children can read words quickly, but they can see the pictures clearly, then analyze and understand what they are. The more you introduce new images and add sounds, the deeper their analytical skills become, and the better they enhance their overall comprehension.

Encourage Them to Engage

Photo books are the most straightforward and easiest-to-understand material children can have. When parents read the words and show the visuals, they create a sound or speak short phrases that the children can imitate. They learn the right sound that goes with the word, and they can even understand what punctuations are for, and so much more. That simple bond is when dialogue and engagement between parents and children take place―both important in developing their communication skills. 

At the same time, they begin to learn how stories are made. Stories always have beginnings and endings, starting with "Once upon a time…" and ending with "The End." Once your children begin to form sentences independently, their imagination will encourage them to make up stories.

Introduce Children to the Real World

Although most of the stories in children's picture books are fiction, you will always find realistic elements and life lessons in them. Sometimes, these books even help parents explain complicated life scenarios through easy-to-grasp visual elements. 

Enjoy Visual Elements

Anything colorful and artsy is attractive to kids, and when they see these things, they become excited. Introducing picture books would help them appreciate this art form better and enjoy the experience of interacting with these engaging elements. 


Children's books significantly impact one's learning, especially when you choose the right books for your child. Picture books are the best choice: they are simple, colorful, easily understood, and contain important life lessons. As much as possible, expose your child to different stories and a wide array of picture books at a very early age.

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