Why Parents Should Raise Their Kids to Love Reading

by Oye Akintan on October 13, 2021

When raising a kid, parents often gravitate towards different attributes they want their child to grow up with. There’s being kind, loving, caring, honest, and so much more that one hopes their kid would be. But aside from all of those, another thing that parents should be meticulous about with their kid’s upbringing is their children’s habits and skills.

Reading has become quite an underrated or even forgotten skill at times, but it can be so significant to a child’s development. When you’re raising your kid, try to incorporate a love for reading by sharing a book with them and spending that extra time to talk with them about it.

If you don’t feel convinced as to why you have to do it, here are several other reasons why kids need to be raised with a love for words, books, and the art of reading: 

For Academic Performance

It’s no secret to any parent that every level of academia will utilize books to gain newfound knowledge. No matter the subject, it’s important that your child is literate enough to read aloud and comprehend the material they are focusing on in school.

Plus, high reading proficiency has been linked to better academic achievement. Everyone wants their children to do well in school and impress their class, and one of the first steps of making that a reality is to read up early. 

For An Engaging Hobby

Generally speaking, kids should have a healthy and engaging hobby that they can enjoy. Reading is something that can be rather inexpensive while offering many benefits. It stimulates one’s inspiration and emotional intelligence while bringing a wonderful story with moral lessons.

Plus, reading gives you so much knowledge and insight into the world around you as your reading material evolves. If your kid grows up and makes friends enter society, the things they’ve read can become a talking point.

For Improved Mental Health

Having a love for reading usually means that a person is calm and happy. Agitation and that feeling of being left behind isn’t something your kid would have to experience. Plus, there are studies wherein the act of reading can regulate one’s blood pressure and heart rates.

Having improved mental health is paramount for your child to feel comfortable in their own skin and to bond with other people. Even at a young age, reading with your kid helps bring your relationship even closer than before.

For Better Communication

Lastly, kids with a love for reading are often better communicators. Picking up the words used in a book for widening your vocabulary can make everyday conversations come much easier for your child. Reading even goes beyond oral communication, too.

When one reads long-term, they can often adopt different abilities, like how to structure their sentences and write them out. Molding and raising your kid to pick up such a skill can feel so fulfilling as they’re able to express themselves much clearer than they ever would have.


These reasons should suffice in incorporating reading as a habit. Your child can greatly benefit from learning how to love reading. Plus, you’d be able to bond with them as you walk them through a book.

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