5 Mistakes Parents Must Avoid When Teaching Kids to Read

by Oye Akintan on March 24, 2022

Every parent wants their children to learn basic things as soon as possible to make life easier. One of the essential skills to learn is reading, and it can be pressuring for parents to get their children reading as soon as possible.

Are you feeling anxious about the learning process of your child? Don’t worry; we’re here to help! Here are some mistakes parents must stay away from to make reading for kids easier.

1. Asking Too Many Questions

Asking too many questions can also make the child uncertain of what they are reading, making them disconnect from the reading.

The best way to help your child learn reading is to offer them a lot of support and praise. Make the kid feel confident in what they have to do to find their ways of learning reading eventually.

Avoid asking too many questions to your child if they can’t answer them. Instead, you should encourage your child to ask you questions. This way, they will learn to find answers independently while practicing reading.

2. Failing to Be Patient with the Child’s Learning Pace

Every child has their own pace when it comes to learning new things. Some learn faster than others, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t smart enough.

If you try forcing your child to learn reading at a specific pace, what would happen is that the kid will lose interest in reading in the long run. Their lack of interest will eventually discourage them from learning how to read, which is the last thing you want.

3. Not Reading Books Themselves

If you want your child to learn reading, the best thing you should do is read their books yourself. Doing this will show your child that reading is fun and it’s something that anyone can do, which will make them feel more comfortable about learning how to read.

Reading books is an excellent way for you to bond with your child. You can take turns reading with your kid, which will make reading more fun for the both of you.

4. Not Understanding the Importance of Giving Positive Feedback

Feedback is essential for every child, so parents should give positive feedback whenever their children can read something correctly.

It should be a positive and motivating experience for children, so parents should make them feel happy and comfortable.

5. Not Pointing Out and Discussing Pictures

Many children’s books nowadays are usually accompanied by illustrations. Parents must point out the pictures when they read to their kids and discuss them.

This will help kids remember the story better than reading it without pictures, but it will also be easier for kids to understand the story when the images are there.

Final Thoughts 

Teaching your children how to read can be a fun and rewarding experience for you and your kids. However, to do this successfully, you must be very patient and understanding with their learning pace. You should also make the child feel confident about learning how to read.

Learning reading should be a positive experience for kids. By doing this, they will become more interested in discovering new worlds through stories. Make your child enjoy reading through the homeschooling resources from Kids Plenty. Get access to workbooks, storybooks, activity books, and many more tools for your kid’s development.