Ways on How You Can Inspire Your Children to Read More

by Oye Akintan on July 08, 2021

Parents and guardians can find it increasingly difficult to get their kids back into reading. Sure, they may get to exercise their eyes with a few text posts online once in a while, but plenty of social media apps and games on the internet are what’s occupying their time. How exactly can you encourage your children to read more?

It isn’t exactly easy to inspire your kids and get them to dive into books, especially if it’s not a particular hobby of yours either. However, reading is fundamental to learning, education, imagination, and a whole lot more. It’s essential to get them back on track. 

Here are a few tips on how you can get your kids to read more.

Act Excited and Read with Them

Younger kids are more likely to mimic your emotions, demeanor, and habits. If they find you looking bored when reading a book to them or dreading the time with each page turn, they will likely act the same way. 

Be sure to show your kids that you’re having a great time reading the stories with them. Make up different voices for the characters and try to let your tone adopt the exact feeling in the book. Your young ones will feel entertained and, in turn, feel much more inclined to read.

Get Them Involved and Know Their Interests

If your child is a newborn, it’s understandable that they won’t be able to choose the story or read along with you. But, if they are slightly older and just need a push to get into reading a bit more, you should try getting them as involved as you can. Let them pick their favorite books and read.

Your efforts don't have to end there either, since you can also talk about the story with them shortly after. Ask them questions about what their favorite part was and share yours too—bond with your kids about it.

Find Interactive Ways of Reading

Some of the methods here allude to the importance of interaction and making the reading experience immersive. Aside from acting out the voices of the book characters and having a conversation, try to find ways of how you can make your child interact more with reading.

AR books, or stories shown in augmented reality, can be pretty exciting to look at. Having that mix of traditional books and technology is the epitome of education and entertainment for today’s generation of young readers.

Look For Riveting Content

Lastly, it’s best to find age-appropriate books you know your kid will enjoy. Any heavy literature is unlikely to spark their interest, so try to find books that are more visually appealing. Pictures and exciting stories can help draw in children to read a little more.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Kids may feel like reading if they can catch sight of art that depicts their favorite animals or plants. They may even be excited to find characters that look just like them too!


By integrating these ways and committing the time it takes to go through different books, your child may just have a newfound love for reading. Don’t be afraid to encourage your kid to continue in their learning journey as time passes on too and to keep the stories they’ve read close to heart.

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