How Bedtime Stories Can Improve Your Kids' Confidence

by Oye Akintan on July 01, 2021

Many parents want the best for their children. Everyone hopes that their child will become happy, successful in their chosen field, and confident.

Confidence, however, is not something that you quickly gain as a person. To some, no matter how much they try to build their confidence, they may face challenges that cause them to retreat. That is why it is important that children understand what it means to be confident at a young age, and why it is necessary for growth.

Sometimes, kids learn better by seeing the concept right before them or experiencing the situation themselves. Fortunately, there is a fun and creative way to impart that crucial life lesson: bedtime stories.

How Reading Stories at Night Help Improve Your Child’s Confidence

Reading bedtime stories is a common tradition in many families. Reading for your children before going to sleep is one of the favorite bonding activities between parents and their children. Aside from spending time together and boosting the kid’s brain development, here are other ways it can help improve your child’s confidence.

Helps Them Identify With the Characters

When reading stories, children can identify themselves with the characters they read. That helps them adapt quickly when they find themselves in different life situations. They can also become more welcoming to change than they used to because their favorite storybook characters have experienced the same. When they read a story and come across the characters’ difficulties, they tend to mirror the situation in their lives.

They Feel Loved and Supported

Reading stories together at night helps children feel that they are cared for and loved. Although kids are young, they appreciate the warm efforts of their parents. When a busy parent makes time to talk to their kids at night despite their exhaustion, it makes them feel that they are valued and truly loved.

Storytelling Helps Children Develop a Stronger Sense of Self

Reading stories helps develop kids’ soft skills, such as coping, problem-solving, and communication skills. It also teaches children to be empathetic and kind. The lessons imparted by each story help define their values and encourage them to be mindful when making choices. For some children, reading a good story makes them want to be better grownups. In some ways, this little hobby helps them reflect on life, and shape their character.


Reading stories truly comes with many benefits. They do not stop at educational values alone. What makes storytelling with children great is how emotional life lessons are always tied to it. It is not only the children who benefit from the experience but also the adults reading. Children’s stories are full of lessons about friendships, love, growing old, morals, and other essential topics for any human being.

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