Why It's Important to Explore Different Cultures in Children's Books

by Oye Akintan on October 06, 2021

Books have the power to unlock our imagination and transport our minds to different worlds—from fantastical landscapes the author creates to seeing glimpses of daily life from another person’s shoes. Stories have a way of expanding one’s perspective and fanning one’s curiosity for different cultures; that’s why it’s important to explore myths, legends, fables, fairytales, or even non-fictional works that take cues from various cultures. 

Being able to see things from the eyes of strangers is the first step to opening one’s heart and mind. In a world dominated by disagreements and social upheavals, teaching your kids to appreciate diversity through books is a wonderful way to encourage them to grow into understanding people who can sympathize with narratives other than their own. 

Children’s Books with Diverse Elements: What Does It Mean to Empower Your Kids Through Stories?

1. Books are the Perfect Medium to Teach Kids How to Relate to Others 

Books don’t need to talk about realms out of this world to talk about diversity—something as simple as choosing stories based on a different nationality can open your kid’s mind to other cultures. 

For example, reading a book about children of color can help your little ones know what life is like for other kids. It’s also a wonderful way to ensure people can have something they resonate with, allowing them to feel like they belong in some way or another. 

2. Open-Mindedness is Easier to Teach at a Younger Age 

The older people get with their beliefs, the harder it is to break from what they have known for years. With that in mind, teaching your kids the importance of being open to new experiences instills a strong sense of value that is often trickier to develop for adults. 

If you let your youngsters get to know things beyond what’s familiar to them, they can grow up with a stronger ability to accept differences in people. Open-mindedness also paves the way for empathy, allowing your children to respect others more deeply and feel connected despite dissimilarities. 

3. Breaks Barriers and Encourages Cross-Cultural Friendships 

Many kids feel alienated because they don’t feel like they fit the status quo—whether due to racial reasons, disabilities, or cultural quirks, letting your kids read diverse children’s books can do wonders for breaking barriers and welcoming them into a more multicultural world where anyone can be a friend. 

The Bottom Line: Empowering Your Kids to Be More Empathetic through Books 

Reading opens a world of wonders for anyone; that’s why it’s important to let children explore different cultures, histories, and other narratives as early as possible. Delving into different works of literature is fun on its own, but you can make the experience even more exciting for your kids by trying out Kids Plenty!

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