On Child Development: Why You Should Let Your Child Read Aloud

by Oye Akintan on November 03, 2021

When fostering your child’s growth and development, it’s crucial to let them read aloud independently. Of course, reading to them and letting them listen is also beneficial to improving their learning capabilities, but they will eventually have to read on their own.

Sure, your child can read silently, but it doesn’t provide the advantages reading aloud does! When a child reads aloud, they have to pay attention to every word on a page and make it easier to remember words. If you want your child to build their vocabulary faster and be more fluent, oral reading is key!

Here are a few more benefits of letting your child read aloud:

1. It Ensures Accuracy of Their Reading

Having your child read aloud is the best way to check if they’re pronouncing each word correctly or if they can’t read a specific part of a sentence. When testing how well they read, we suggest encouraging your child to point each word as they read so that they don’t skip any.

The more often your child reads aloud from books or a book reading app, the better they’ll be able to pronounce words, use the right words, and learn about proper grammar. Eventually, improper grammar will sound wrong to them, so they’ll be more likely to use good grammar when communicating.

Keep in mind that for your child to improve their learning capabilities, they must read from an appropriate source. When your child mispronounces or misses several words, the boom or passage may be too advanced for their age or reading capacity. 

2. It Improves Phrasing When Communicating

Although correct pronunciation is crucial to your child’s literacy, it’s not the single most important thing that they need to learn. Besides knowing how to pronounce each word, your child must also put words into thought groups so that they are easy to understand.

Phrasing isn’t just for the sake of the listener; it benefits the reader, too! When your child learns how to link the words correctly, the better they’ll understand what they’re reading. By pausing at periods and raising their voice at specific parts of a passage, your child will have an improved reading experience and become more fluent.

3. It Helps Them Be More Fluent in the Language

The more often your child reads aloud, the more fluent they’ll be! Once they’re more comfortable with the content they’re reading and can read aloud with accurate phrasing and speed, they’ll be able to learn at a higher level than before.

For your child to be more fluent, they must read content suitable to them to prevent them from getting frustrated and discouraged from reading. When you instill in them the love of reading, they’ll be able to read aloud with ease while having fun!


Never underestimate the impact of reading aloud! Simple as it may seem, reading aloud can greatly help your child understand words easier and communicate well with others. With suitable reading materials, your child will enjoy reading and have an easier time grasping lessons and concepts!

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