How You Can Help Your Child Develop Proper Social Skills

by Oye Akintan on March 17, 2022

Homeschooling has always been a viable means of education, but its benefits are much more evident these days. After all, homeschooling allows children to learn at their own pace and gives educators and parents the freedom to customize their learning experience.

However, there are some ways that homeschooling falls short compared to traditional education. One perfect example is socialization. Unless your child has siblings, they're learning on their own without peers to commiserate and celebrate with.

Fortunately, all is not lost because there are ways you can build social skills in homeschoolers.

1. Set Up Play Dates with Neighbors

It's likely that your child is not the only one receiving homeschooling in your area.

If possible, arrange for play dates with children their age in the neighborhood. This will help them learn to socialize and work with others.

Of course, the trick is to make sure that the play date stays within your parenting style and values.

2. Take Your Child to Community Events

Your child will learn to tolerate and interact with others by being around them regularly.

If you can afford it, take them to cultural and social events. These include movies, local plays, and community events. 

They will get to mingle and interact with other kids and learn to carry a conversation with strangers.

3. Acquire Additional Homeschooling Resources

There are plenty of homeschooling resources that touch upon the concept of socialization.

In many cases, these homeschooling resources focus on the idea that parents shouldn’t keep children from socializing with others because they're homeschooled.

For instance, you can give your child resources that encourage them to form a club with their peers. Doing so will be instrumental in helping them build their confidence and get to know others.

4. Encourage Your Child to Volunteer

Volunteering is an excellent way to help your child develop social skills and learn valuable life lessons.

Choose a cause they're passionate about, such as animal welfare, the environment, or science.

In addition, help them research local organizations in your area and enroll them in volunteering activities. Some of the opportunities include teaching kids skills and basic literacy, working on community gardens, and more.

5. Introduce Your Child to a Mentor

Try introducing your child to a mentor who has volunteered with local groups, educational institutions, or charities. 

Introducing them to a mentor will help your child learn collaborative skills and help them develop professionally.

You can introduce them to your friends or family who fit the bill. After all, you want to make sure that your child will get the most out of this relationship.

6. Join Homeschool Groups

Joining a homeschool group will allow your child to develop meaningful relationships with other kids.

Furthermore, they can also experience various social activities that will help them in their development as a social person.

Even if you can't meet up with other homeschoolers in person, many communities and groups are available online.

7. Give Your Child a Pet to Raise

Getting a pet is an excellent way for your child to learn responsibility and get more time outside. It's also a brilliant way to help them learn to socialize and communicate with other people.

For instance, your child may need to ask people for advice about feeding their pet or helping them stay healthy.

If possible, assist them in volunteering at a local animal shelter or rescue group. That way, they can build empathy and learn to see life differently.


The last thing you want is your child to lose out on opportunities because of a lack of social skills. By building social skills in your homeschooler, you prepare them for the real world and encourage them to learn important lessons.

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