Benefits of Printed Books for Children and Parents

by Oye Akintan on February 23, 2022

Nowadays, we can notice more and more ebooks being marketed. Even though the number of printed books sold is still huge, people are now more likely to buy their books as ebooks instead of paperbacks. Speculations say that paper books will be replaced by digital counterparts in the near future. However, a multitude of readers still prefers printed books over ebooks because they offer many advantages.

Benefits of Printed Books for Children and Parents

1 - Printed Books are timeless

The main advantage of printed books over ebooks is their timelessness. While ebooks become outdated quickly when a new book is released, a printed book will never lose its value. Think of it this way - what if a book you bought last year is out of print now? That would be a waste of your money. However, if you choose to buy a printed book, it will never become outdated in years to come.

2 - No risk of getting distracted

There is no need to worry about getting distracted when reading a printed book. Even if you have access to numerous ebooks, the only thing you can do is to read them. If you have an ebook reader, you cannot even decide not to be distracted by some apps. However, you can always ignore your smartphone when reading a printed book and focus completely on the story.

3 - Plenty of variety

There might be more ebooks and ebooks available in the market. However, printed books still offer plenty of variety and choices. This flexibility is not available with ebooks. Printed books are usually cheaper than ebooks as well. You can buy and sell printed books easily.

4 - They look beautiful on a bookshelf

Printed books not only look beautiful when you read them, but they also look beautiful on your bookshelves. Ebooks, on the other hand, may look just as beautiful when you read them, but you cannot keep them on your bookshelves. What you read is not the same. You cannot display them in a library or show them off to your friends.

5 - Limit screentime

Some parents are concerned about the amount of time their children spend on the screen. Ebooks are usually read on a digital device, whereas printed books are read on paper. It is not hard to keep track of the time spent reading a printed book. Ebooks, on the other hand, are not limited to the time spent. This can lead to excessive reading and distraction.

6 - Improves the comprehension skills

Most ebooks are available in PDF format that can be downloaded instantly. Reading them is as simple as opening the file and pressing a few buttons. Printed books, on the other hand, require a bit of physical activity. You will have to turn the pages yourself. This simple physical activity helps improve comprehension skills.


While ebooks rule the digital market, printed books still have their uses. For many children, printed books are more appealing than ebooks. Printed books are also affordable as well. It is also not hard for parents to limit the time their children spend on the screen. Printed books are still an ideal choice for children and parents.

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