Fun and Engaging Activities to Help Kids Learn Sight Words

by Oye Akintan on February 02, 2022

Is your child at the age where they are ready to learn sight words? Kindergarten kids usually start to learn sight words as a preparation for reading. 

Sight words are high-frequency or non-phonetic words that children are taught to recognize on sight instead of needing to sound out. These are short words such as “he,” “go,” and “talk,” which your child can learn to recognize through repetition.

You can help your child get acquainted with sight words through some simple supplies without the need for worksheets or flashcards.

This article will run you through some sight word activities that can help you introduce sight words for preschoolers.

Hidden Word Reveal

You can incorporate sight word practice into this fun and magical activity. Your child will have fun painting as they learn.

For this activity, you will need the following materials:

  • White crayons
  • White construction paper
  • Watercolor paint

First, you must prepare the words on white construction paper. Write down a sight word on a piece of white construction paper using a white crayon. This way, it will appear blank.

Let your child paint over the white construction paper with their desired colors and watch the word “magically” appear.

You can prepare several words for more fun and learning.

Shaving Cream Painting

Shaving cream painting is a fun and fragrant way to get your child to practice those fine motor skills and learn to recognize sight words. You may want to use a plastic plate or cling wrap on your surface to prevent the shaving cream from getting everywhere.

For this activity, you will need the following:

  • Shaving cream
  • A plastic plate or cling wrap to protect your table or counter

Spray a quart-size squirt of shaving cream on your surface and spread it out evenly so that you have a canvas of shaving cream foam.

You can then have your child write sight words in the shaving cream. When they’re done, they can smooth it out and write another sight word on it or write the word again.

It may get messy, but it will be easier to clean after.

Play Dough Practice

Does your child have a lot of playdough? That can come in handy for this activity!

For this activity, you will need the following:

  • Playdough
  • Build a sight word printout (you can download one online and print it)

First, you can let your child roll out the piece of dough “snake style” to prepare for the activity. This is also a great way to practice their fine motor skills.

With the build a sight word printout on the surface, have them form the long snake into letters to spell the word. It helps to have a separate flashcard for reference as they cover the printout.

For all of these activities, it is best to have a list of the sight words you are practicing so your child can regularly check back and refer to them.


The best way to learn sight words is through sheer repetition. However, repetition can get tedious after a while. Learning can be a lot of fun if you can mix fun activities designed to teach in an exciting way.

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