A Simple Guide to Teaching Your Kids About Sight Words

by Oye Akintan on March 18, 2021

As a parent, you want to make sure your child grows up to be the best version of themselves. You need to provide them with proper education and learning to find their way through life’s challenges, starting with teaching them to understand, read, and write words.

Besides enrolling them in school when they’re ready, you can continue to teach your kid what you know and guide them in your own ways. Becoming familiar with sight words is an essential part of honing their language skills. Keep reading below to find out more about sight words and their importance to your child’s future.


Defining Sight Words

Sight words are known as the most used words that your child needs to learn so they can be familiar with them at first glance. Every time they encounter a specific word, rather than spending time saying them out loud to know them, your child should be able to determine that it’s a sight word that they can easily recognize and understand.

Common examples of sight words are “and,” “like,” “you,” and “that.” There are more complicated sight words that may lean away from the standard phonics rules, including “as,” “of,” and “there,” which your child has yet to learn over time.


The Essence of Sight Words in Everyday Use

Sight words are a fundamental part of your kid’s learning because once they get used to spotting them more often, they will have a better time dealing with words. They end up reading, writing, and spelling out words more quickly compared to before.

When a child is unable to understand sight words, it could lead them to become significantly slower than others and find themselves having trouble honing their skills. You can begin helping them develop this skill by utilizing sight word books for kindergarten to learn basic sight words before progressing to the more complicated ones.

Once they’ve mastered determining some of the essential sight words, teaching them about irregular sight words can help your child become fluent with reading and sounding out more words. While they tend to be more challenging than common sight words, they are necessary, especially if you want your young one to excel in everything they do.


How to Help Your Child Learn Sight Words

Part of your child’s education is becoming familiar with the technique of rote learning, or the habit of repeating something over and over until they end up memorizing it. However, many children have short attention spans, especially if they’re dealing with dull lessons.

During the process of learning sight words, it’s a good idea to find creative ways to motivate your kids, such as using kid-friendly learning apps or picture books to keep them focused. You may also want to encourage them with snack breaks, playtime, and other exciting rewards that await them after hours of practicing sight words.

While it can be difficult to begin teaching your kid sight words, it is often a rewarding task once you witness them start to get used to things and prove that they’re having a good time learning. It will take them some time to grasp the concept of sight words, but with plenty of practice and discipline, your guidance will definitely go a long way.



Your child’s ability to read, write, and spell out words is a fundamental part of their education. If you want them to have an excellent time discovering new things, start by teaching them about sight words, from the simple ones down to the more complicated words. You can consider making your lessons fun and enjoyable by using kids’ apps and exciting books to provide them a better way of taking their learning to a whole new level.

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