4 Ways Your Children Can Master the Art of Storytelling

by Oye Akintan on April 07, 2021

Stories have the power to convey universal values, and you can use storytelling to inspire your children. It makes them more empathetic towards others as they also develop their communication, social, and interpersonal skills. It also improves their creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. To master the art of storytelling, here are some tips you can follow:

Bring your children to storytelling events

Let your children enjoy a professional storytelling experience by bringing them to storytelling events organized by libraries or organizations. By looking around your community for exciting activities and encouraging your kids to participate, they can immerse themselves in entirely different worlds, stimulate their imagination, and boost their creativity. They can cherish their newfound interests and further nurture their skills by joining storytelling classes.

Play storytelling games

Storytelling is not merely the act of telling stories. You can use a hint of games during the process to keep your children engaged. For instance, you can conduct a string-a-long storytelling session by playing in twos or groups. This game involves one player starting the story and passing the story along to the next player until it reaches a climax. By playing this, they can learn more words and improve their skills in creating their own stories and using their imagination.

Another game you can play with your kids is to show them an image or object, then ask them to create a story scene about it. This game can be challenging, but you will witness your little ones being more creative in making and telling their original stories over time and with constant practice.

Read books together

Books are filled with stories that are waiting to be read and enjoyed by your children. By reading to your kids, you can turn them into excellent readers and effective storytellers. Read along with them, narrate by using expressions, and ask them to repeat lines to make the reading session even more fun and help them understand what the story is about. You can even wear costumes and use props for it to become interactive.

If you are having trouble keeping your children engaged and excited about reading, take advantage of the wonders of technology and consider using a virtual pop-up book and a learning app for kids. Look for kids’ apps that use augmented reality, bring stories to life, and provide a fun learning experience.

Let your children read and narrate books they like

As a parent or guardian, you are responsible for guiding your little ones, but respecting their choices is extremely important. Since kids love having the freedom to choose what they want, they can pick stories they wish to read and narrate. This way, they will be more interested in learning how to tell stories more effectively.


Storytelling is an effective tool for your children’s learning and development. It can also be an educational technique that can encourage them to study harder while having fun. To introduce them to the wonderful world of telling stories and help them master this art, follow the tips listed above. You can also use mobile apps or augmented reality storybooks like ours to make your reading sessions even more interactive and fun.

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