4 Reasons to Start Reading Storybooks with Your Kids Again

by Oye Akintan on June 24, 2021

Some people tend to classify reading as something more old-fashioned. With so much tech and better-developed toys, children can be easily preoccupied. However, as a parent, it’s important to recognize the importance of developing your child’s reading skills. 

Almost every aspect of your child’s life would have to involve reading and comprehension. If you’ve never gotten into the habit of sharing a storybook with your child just before their bedtime, it might be time to integrate that tradition into your household.

Aid Your Child in Learning 

As mentioned above, your child will be using their reading ability for practically their whole life, and it’s especially used when it comes to schooling. It can be tougher for younger ones when they feel like they’re behind the class learning how to read. Give your child a helping hand as they start their reading journey. 

It’s also a plus that there are many techniques to help your young one brush up on their skills. Look into new technology and mobile apps like The Kids Plenty 4D Mobile AR App to aid in reading and make the activity much more fun for your child. The more enjoyable it is for them, the more encouraged they are to continue their reading endeavors.

Spend Quality Time with Them

Any parent can get busy. So much time has to be dedicated to work and other schedules that it can leave little to no periods with your child. Not only can this be emotionally draining for you, but even more so for your little one. It can be harder for them to understand why you seem as busy as you are throughout the week.

However, that small pocket of time after dinner and just before bedtime can be your everyday schedule with your child. You’re free for those few minutes. Just the sheer thought of reading a book with your child and spending that time with them can also help you get through the day.

Learn What Your Kids like

In conjunction with not having any time with your kids, it can be a little foreign once they start growing a bit more independent. As a parent, you should know what your kids’ interests are and any fears that they may have. No one wants to be distant with their own kid.

Storybooks are a great way of figuring out what your child likes. Perhaps they have a particular story that they’re fond of and would request every night. Maybe they develop an affinity for reading even beyond your time together. Reading with them and talking with them can be very fruitful to your relationship as parent and child.

Create a Memorable Experience

If you were a child who read storybooks with your parents, you probably had fond memories of them that you still treasure to this day. Doing the same for your own child with their own stories can mean the world to them. You’re ensuring they have an experience they will also remember for a long time. 


To sum it up, reading with your little one can be pretty integral to both their skills, habits, and childhood. They won’t be getting any younger, so there’s no better day to start than now. Devote the time and help them grow.

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