3 Benefits of Using Augmented Reality in Your Classroom

by Oye Akintan on March 24, 2021

Curiosity and imagination are essential human traits, especially among children. They encourage them to seek answers creatively and boost their overall development actively. Thus, they must be incorporated into teaching methods as they make the sensation of learning more enjoyable and mentally stimulating. 

As an educator, you can be open to using innovative technologies to nurture their imagination and curiosity. One of these tools is Augmented Reality (AR). Here are some benefits of using it in your classroom:

Makes your classes more interactive 

Subjects, especially those with lots of technical terms, can be challenging to teach. Students also likely have a hard time fully understanding them or concentrating on the topics because they can be difficult to digest.

If you simply state facts without visual aids, your class is more likely to turn into a snoozefest. The best way to keep your students engaged during classes is by offering creative ways of presenting your content. With an interactive content presentation through AR technology, your students can be connected to the lesson on a deeper level.

For example, you can show an AR-enhanced gallery where your students can look at artwork through their AR device, like Microsoft HoloLens or Google Glass. Doing this can allow visual learning, cognitive development, and even abstract reasoning, depending on the chosen learning aids inputted in the AR device. 

You can also use AR apps for kids, books, and other learning resources To make the class content more engaging and interactive. The smartphone can turn the sketches in books into 3D images that can be flipped and even rotated to access information. These teaching methods can encourage higher involvement among learners and facilitate deep learning, which means they can store the information in their long-term memory.

Motivates your students

Admit it: classes can sometimes be boring. Don’t be the type of teacher who simply reads the information from the reading materials, assigns activities to students, then calls it a day. It’s best to create a pleasant sense of anticipation and get the class eager to learn and participate during discussions using AR apps for kids. This technology can transform your class into an exciting learning environment that will keep them motivated and interested. As a result, your class won’t simply just be a class; it will be a journey where everyone will be thrilled to discover something new in the AR world.

Helps students learn faster

AR technology makes your learning materials more engaging and interactive. It allows your students to stay motivated and engaged, which means their full attention and energy will be focused on the lesson. When this happens, they will understand the topics better, learn a lot faster, and even use this knowledge in real-life situations. They have hands-on experience and eventually attain mastery of the class. 


AR lets your students be fully immersed in a virtual world that helps them learn more effectively in a fun and interactive way. While this technology is not exactly new, it has only recently made its way into education strategies. Consider using it in your classroom to foster your students’ curiosity and imagination and reap the benefits listed above.

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