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How to Make Reading More Fun for Children

For many kids, reading is more of a chore or...
by Oye Akintan on June 09, 2022
making a storybook

How to Use the Power of Storytelling to Homeschool

From the beginning, people have always loved telling and listening...
by Oye Akintan on June 02, 2022
Home Reader

How To Make Your Home Reader-Friendly for Your Kids

Kids today spend increasing amounts of time indoors, particularly with...
by Oye Akintan on May 26, 2022
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Avoid Tall Tales: Tips for Telling Great Children’s Stories

In the beginning, our parents and grandparents told us stories...
by Oye Akintan on May 19, 2022
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5 Parent-Friendly Tips for Kids' Reading and Homeschooling

There are many options when it comes to educating your...
by Oye Akintan on May 12, 2022

8 Amazing Things That Storytelling with Kids Can Do

In the age of modern technology, adults and parents can’t...
by Oye Akintan on May 05, 2022