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Avoid Tall Tales: Tips for Telling Great Children’s Stories

In the beginning, our parents and grandparents told us stories...
by Oye Akintan on May 19, 2022
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5 Parent-Friendly Tips for Kids' Reading and Homeschooling

There are many options when it comes to educating your...
by Oye Akintan on May 12, 2022

8 Amazing Things That Storytelling with Kids Can Do

In the age of modern technology, adults and parents can’t...
by Oye Akintan on May 05, 2022
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How Your Child’s Imagination Gets a Boost from Reading

Reading is a great way for a person's analytical abilities...
by Oye Akintan on April 28, 2022

Tips in Building an Effective Homeschool Reading Program

Homeschooling is the practice and decision of teaching your kids...
by Oye Akintan on April 21, 2022

6 Easy Ideas on How to Introduce Toddlers to Books

If you’re reading to a young child, it’s best to...
by Oye Akintan on April 14, 2022